Urban Dog Walking & Pet Service

231 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto, ON M5V 1B2
Email: info@pupandthecity.com
Phone: (647) 808-7453

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Group & Solo Walks

Group Walks: $19

Don't leave your dog at home all day while you're at work! We will take care of your pooch while you're away.A group walk is a great way to socialize your pet with fellow friends and burn off that excess energy. Prepaid discounted packages are available on our booking system. Second dog add $5

Solo Walk: $19

If your dog is looking for some one-on-one time with us we're more than happy to provide an individual walk.

Washroom Break: $10

When you're out on the town we're able to drop in for 15 minutes and relieve your doggy. Also a great option for the older or lazy pooch.

Puppy Visit: $19

A young pup can suffer from separation anxiety and a small bladder. Our puppy visits will provide your new puppy quality one on one time. We will play, feed and let your puppy out. You will receive photos and updates on each visit. We offer discounted prepaid packages and packages for two puppy visits daily.

Walk & Visit: $60

3 visits per day: Morning visit (walk and feed), Afternoon (1 hour walk), Evening visit (walk and feed)

Cat Visits: $18

We will come check up on your Kitty while you are away, While there we will feed, scoop, brush and play (water any plants if necessary)

Night Walks and weekend walks: $25

Hour walk after 6pm during the week or on the weekend.
All prices listed are per day plus applicable taxes. Additional surcharges apply for weekend and holiday services. Discounts will be provided for packages purchased.