Urban Dog Walking & Pet Service

231 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto, ON M5V 1B2
Email: info@pupandthecity.com
Phone: (647) 808-7453

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Group Walks: $18

Don't leave your dog at home all day while you're at work! We will take care of your pet while you're away. A group walk is a great way to socialize your pet with fellow friends and burn off that excess energy. We manage the collection and drop off of your pooch too.

Solo Walk: $18

If your dog is looking for some one-on-one time with us we're more than happy to provide a 30 minute individual walk.

Pet Visits: $15

We’ll stop by for a 30 minute social visit and feed your pet while we’re there.  A Cat? Sure. Guinea pig? Why not! Hamster? You betcha. Birds? No problem.

In-House Pet Sitting: $60-$70

Not sure boarding is suitable for your pet? One of our team members will sit your pet in your own home. This will result in a happy pet who's not removed from the security of what they know best: their home. The only thing your pet will miss is you!

Walk & Visit: $50

3 visits per day: Morning visit (walk and feed), Afternoon (1 hour walk), Evening visit (walk and feed)

Washroom Break: $10

When you're out on the town we're able to drop in for 15 minutes and relieve your doggy, reducing the chance of an accident while you're away.

Night Walks: $20

Half hour solo or one hour group - $20 during the week/$23 on the weekend.
All prices listed are per day plus applicable taxes. Additional surcharges apply for weekend and holiday services. Discounts will be provided for packages purchased.